Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Doesn't It Feel Good

when God slaps your face so hard?

i kinda like it.

Saturday, February 6, 2010



i have tried so many times to express the things that i want to say to you.. and to do the things that would make you feel how much you mean to me.
but for more than a couple of days tryin now, i seem to have failed.

whenever i try, i would end up with writing nothing- in the occasion of realizing that words are really not enough for what i want to say.

i may have displeased you on the celebration of our first month together, but.. i have to tell you..that at that day, i was lost in a trance, that i could not move.. couldn't do the things that i have planned to do for you..couldn't even see you. couldn't even talk to you..

i was too happy.~
i was afraid.

i waited for the time that I would wake up from this beautiful dream.

I didn't. :)

everything that happened to me since I met you was too good to be true. too good that it may not be true at all. but here i am writing something to that someone who had showed me that reality can be better than dreams.

with this i wanna tell you now that i'm sorry, i'm sorry that whenever i try to express myself, i am lost for words.. i want to do many things for you. so many things that i can't make 'em all at this time. so please bear with me.. and be patient. :)

I can say these words if I add a little more
grasping the limits of the love in my heart right now..
My trembling eyes speak for me.. and i would just whisper, in a faint voice.. ********

Now it all boils down to telling you that I LOVE YOU and I would take care of you.

the rest is unwritten. ~