Thursday, December 20, 2007


"Silence is a language God can speak without being constantly interrupted because God is a mystery of incomprehensible love, and love speaks for itself. If we could really be attentive to the mystery of God in our lives we would realize that God is both beyond our thoughts and imaginations (although these can bring us closer to God) and very near to us. As St. Augustine indicated, God is closer to us than we are to ourselves. God is a mystery of silence and intimacy."
- Ilia Delio, The Humility of God

wala lang.

christmas nah.. at naaalala ko.. ikaw.
wala akong masabi.. isang taon na kitang di nakikita..

i remember..
the deliberation day..
that morning that i came for you...

your smile that never failed to annoy me..
..inside, it made me happy.

i remember..
the songs you used to sing for me.
the days we've shared,
laughing as we went..

i've always shown hate for your pranks..
ignored you..the things you've done for me..
to love you..

i remember..
when we stayed.. at that gambrel roof..
we just sat..
for the hours that have passed by..

i told my story
as you wept..

and i'm dearly sorry.

for the shit I've put you through..
for wasting your time.
for being so numb.
for choosing to be blind.
for being a liar.
for hurting myself.
for everything.


because it's like goodbye forever..
and too sad...
if i can be born again some day..
i'll start a journey to seek for you.

the moment to begin a journey,
must be my own choice..

by a new and unfamiliar view..
when i happened to be puzzled..
a gentle wind just like you,
blew by me.

i wanted to say i love you..

i couldn't say it..
but i feel what seems to be the biggest lie..
and the truth..

are the same.

melodies of life~

In my dearest memories, I see you reaching out to me.
Though you're gone, I still believe that you can call out my name.
In your dearest memories, do you remember loving me ?

If I should leave this lonely world behind,
Your voice will still remember our melody.
Now I know we'll carry on.
Melodies of life,
Come circle round and grow deep in our hearts, as long as we remember....


Anonymous said...

da hu?
di ko sya knows...

by the way,
wla ako new jowawi..

New Crush, mdame! wahaha

† alleicarg † said...

anu ba yan, nag anonymous kapa.. haha sasa single ba?

ito yung cnasabi ko sayu.. ung "so sick".. ehe.. sigh..

dazedblu* said...

why is that so emo in this post, hehe... sikes/ I understand nman, the xmas season is just right on the corner :)

Arlo said...

I've always been amazed on how songs can pull some strings in our hearts.

Melodies of Life is the Final Fantasy song that I like most. Such words filled with emotions harmonized by Emiko Shiratori's calming voice really changes the atmosphere. Yuna's One Thousand Words come at close second. (Currently playing Final Fantasy X-2, though.)

Keep on writing and God bless!

Carpe diem!

† alleicarg † said...

@ arlo: yup.. both songs remind me of someone.. the strings weren't just pulled, they were strung out.

@ dazedblu: hays.. yeah.. anyways, have a warm christmas ahead.. =)

kingdaddyrich said...

yuv always been emo..

malungkot ba buhay mo?

magaling ako magpasaya!! ;)

† alleicarg † said...

huh king.. medyo..
cge nga sample..


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Merry Christmas Chei!

From your friendly neighborhood nurse,
Ruff :-)

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sasarai said...

frozen na tong blog na to..ano na kaya ngyari sa mayari /hmm @_@