Saturday, September 1, 2007


waiting for the moon..

the antidote worked.. =D

i was forgiven..

i can feel the wind blow in this place..

where i see the stars beyond the window pane..
shining so bright, here in this night..
here i feel a sense of love..

deep in my heart i cry for you,
every tear that falls feels like a wound..
the stars in the skies gently shines..
taking away my pain..

i hear a voice gently saying "don't be afraid"
i feel a warmth come over me,
as i sleep in their embrace..

i do have the strength to go on...
now i'll try to hold on.. with you..
i know this love is worth something...

even though our dreams don't come true at this point in time,
i'll just remember every moment with you..

like the stars that shine forever,

i'll treasure my love for you.

'till then..

.. after 16 hours..

i guess i wasn't forgiven after all..


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ALLEICARG: Bleach? Hehe. I’m thankful also for the opportunity of meeting people like you—the deep, mysterious, artistic variety (the type of writer who makes me reread posts over and over again to check if my interpretation is the correct, er, appropriate one).
-And thanks for browsing over my old posts. Those months (May-July 05) were the darkest, most depressing time of my entire life. I’m overly thankful I survived that episode. It made me more appreciative of the new life I’ve been rewarded.

-Musta ka nga ngayon chei? =) I hope you're doing well.

chei said...

my rep @ your page. ehehe