Monday, September 3, 2007

too late

some things are not meant to be..


oil and water.. (wenks may emulsifier)
hollows and death gods..

nagkulang ka, sumobra naman ako. 'di sakto.

i hope this is the last time that i blog about this..


thank God it's over!

bitter strawberry
(+ allei+)
out of the grayness in my head..

still i can't patch things together now,

with these eyes now clearly seeing black and white..

i tried my best,
now there is nothing i can do for you..

the way i used to be,
something has touched my heart..
something which made me feel content,
something which is now gone..

did i understand myself?
i didn't.

did i understand you?

i did..

but it's just too late now..

i never meant to hurt you,

i was running from emotions i wasn't ready for..

"please don't go.."

but you did.
and left me here..

i once thought that by forgiving we are forgiven..
you proved me wrong..

i tried my best,
and there is nothing i can do now..

i guess i just loved you too much.


This happiness that I feel..
all the friends that I have here, you the best present..
I am blessed because you're always by my side..
Surely things that I have accomplished here,
those things too, give me strength..
But your support has helped me endlessly..
thank you.

you were always there at my relief..
nobody ever understood me the way you do..
i hope this friendship never ends..

well, i wish you all the good things in life, if not the best..
i know we'll be okay soon..
i can sense happiness getting near..
the best things coming..
no more pain.

Love and Smile always..
Happy birthday shak..


Yas Ligtas said...

hey chei, where'd you get the pic? looks very painful...

† alleicarg † said...


just edited a 'lil..

lots of those.. i just didn't pick the gory one..

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Some things are not meant to be, and we should stop whenever we feel we’re already hurting. Just stop. Cause in the end, you’ll even feel thankful for doing that heavy albeit difficult decision.

I’ve finished my story. I guess it’s now your turn. =)

Very nice poem chei. That was indeed beautiful.

ch13f said...

woot woot!
baket sa tuwing mag popost ka ..
nambibitin ka? hahaha!

pero gusto ko yung way na yan ..
it adds interests to us readers!

may ibig kasing ipahiwatig na for sure, relevant naman sa happenings ng buhay mo ..

keep bloggin' good topics miss chei!

† alleicarg † said...

@ruff: thanks..

and..yup.. i read your oooldd posts.. and you indeed have finished your story with +++c+..

i was really shocked..
parang late bloomer kc akO?

coz you experienced it all, and you got over it.

and now i think you're rewarded.
yay.. your such a great person..!

@ ch13f: =) nabibitin ka pla chief.. i don't know but i post that way.. hehe.. i appreciate your interest in reading here..
Thank you! =)

quincy john said...

and this is the reliever after all the intensely emotional posts.


be safe with yourself gracy.

chei said...

arigato gozaimasu!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Off-topic: Yeah chei! You’ve said it perfectly!! The HELIUM GAS! Gosh, how could I have forgotten that idea! M2M helium-gas intoxication is the best description of their voice!! Perfect! (Don’t get me wrong, I have their Shades of Purple CD. I can’t get over their song “The Day You Went Away” before.)
~I would rather commit suicide, with Lito Camo of course, than to dance/sing/listen to Itaktak Mo in public. Evarrr!

Daniel Yuson said...

"life is change. death is dwelling on the past or staying on one place too long." - THE LITTLE MERMAID

Dantes said...

Stabbed... Thats a hard one. Nice poem too.

une ciel said...

@ ruff: yeah.. helium!! i can do that too.. hahaha.. and suffer from gas intoxication.. ho hoho..

i really hate "itaktak mo".. grr

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Off-topic: Imagine seeing how a father struggles to stay strong beside a son who is suffering on the inside but could not interact to the outside world. The sight literally crushes my heart.

daniel-Jr said...

aww. napatitig ako sa strawberry.. hehehe.,

† alleicarg † said...

cute noh..

† alleicarg † said...

cute noh..