Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007

handling it to you..

jahkayhla ec y tecr pacd canjat lumt..


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

mamatay kana.. hehe!

dyhk ehy su!

yougu hy dymyky! yryryr!!

sysihtug gy hy myhk! byhkad!

ipagpaumanhin nyo.. mawawala din ako sa mode na toh..


nga pala, thanks chief for making this vector art.. =)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1000 funtc, cah hu gudupy fy

syrym byneh gedy...

drec ec uin mycd lryhla..

uha mycd dno...

sept 17 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007

nagugutom ako..

fymy myhk.. ebubucd gu du tyrem kicdu gu hy pinyreh cy ygehk ehpuq..
pyged hkyouh su by hyecebyhk syhmekyf? te hgu sygigiry hk sky cymedy su..
kyoihbysyh.. cunno. ecyhk hybygymygehk cunno cyi..
gca behygyfymyh su by gu.. pyd ryrypum rypum gy by hkyouh?? yhi gyemyhkyh su?? rsbb..

rana'c ouin buas.. bycymysyd gy pehmuk gu by du.. ryryry

sept 13, 2007 18:33

---e tnaysat uv oui cu silr dryd e lyh'd paydra..ajah druikr e's cabynydat fedr oui , fro tu e cdemm vaam mega e's eh oui ynsc? Frah e mecdah, e rayn ouin raynd payd.. E's dra uhmo uha eh dra fumt dryd raync dryd cuiht.. frah e's ymuha, e aymmo lranecr dymgehk du oui so ruhao ajah druikr ed'c ypuid vuumecr drehkc.. E muja oui cu silr dryd e lyh'd pnaydra..So mesed ec cdemm vyn yfyo.. Bmayca knyhd sa drec muja....

Monday, September 3, 2007

too late

some things are not meant to be..


oil and water.. (wenks may emulsifier)
hollows and death gods..

nagkulang ka, sumobra naman ako. 'di sakto.

i hope this is the last time that i blog about this..


thank God it's over!

bitter strawberry
(+ allei+)
out of the grayness in my head..

still i can't patch things together now,

with these eyes now clearly seeing black and white..

i tried my best,
now there is nothing i can do for you..

the way i used to be,
something has touched my heart..
something which made me feel content,
something which is now gone..

did i understand myself?
i didn't.

did i understand you?

i did..

but it's just too late now..

i never meant to hurt you,

i was running from emotions i wasn't ready for..

"please don't go.."

but you did.
and left me here..

i once thought that by forgiving we are forgiven..
you proved me wrong..

i tried my best,
and there is nothing i can do now..

i guess i just loved you too much.


This happiness that I feel..
all the friends that I have here, you the best present..
I am blessed because you're always by my side..
Surely things that I have accomplished here,
those things too, give me strength..
But your support has helped me endlessly..
thank you.

you were always there at my relief..
nobody ever understood me the way you do..
i hope this friendship never ends..

well, i wish you all the good things in life, if not the best..
i know we'll be okay soon..
i can sense happiness getting near..
the best things coming..
no more pain.

Love and Smile always..
Happy birthday shak..

Saturday, September 1, 2007


waiting for the moon..

the antidote worked.. =D

i was forgiven..

i can feel the wind blow in this place..

where i see the stars beyond the window pane..
shining so bright, here in this night..
here i feel a sense of love..

deep in my heart i cry for you,
every tear that falls feels like a wound..
the stars in the skies gently shines..
taking away my pain..

i hear a voice gently saying "don't be afraid"
i feel a warmth come over me,
as i sleep in their embrace..

i do have the strength to go on...
now i'll try to hold on.. with you..
i know this love is worth something...

even though our dreams don't come true at this point in time,
i'll just remember every moment with you..

like the stars that shine forever,

i'll treasure my love for you.

'till then..

.. after 16 hours..

i guess i wasn't forgiven after all..