Friday, August 10, 2007

can you see me now?

"Who can throw a stone at a man who favors his friends, when.. sooner or later it is a question of life and death? No man should judge unless he asks himself in absolute honesty whether in a similar situation he would have done the same.."
-lines fr the book Man's search for meaning

Clowns: t.A.t.u.

Clowns that only let u know where u let your senses go.
Clowns all around you its a cross i need to bear.
All this black and cruel is fair, this is an emergency
Don't you hide your eyes from me, open them and see me now.

See me here in the air.. not holding on to anywhere
But holding on so beware .I have secrets I won't share.
See me here wishing you.. if I don't deny I do..
contemplate our wish away. If I ask u not to stay!

clowns are here to let u know.. where u let your senses go?
Clowns all around you.

it's a cross I need to bear.

All this black and cruel is fair,.
This is an emergency.

don't you hide your eyes from me
Open them and see me now.


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Thanks for the visit ALLEICARG! =) Oooh, new post..

I love morbid people. Not a fan of too much blood though. It's ironic, right? I'm a nurse and I fear soo much blood. Probably its because of its association with death. Pero as of present, parang nato-tolerate ko na cya. Who wouldn't love blood and murder after watching Dexter right? =)

Dexter is one of the most insightful drama show ever. Yeah, he might be concerned that people would know the true him, but the fact that he doesn't *really know his true self--I guess that is what really scares him.

Dont worry. We all have the weirdness inside us. It is how we conceal them to the world that makes us feel like accepted and ordinary. =) And I can feel, youre now opening up with this post eh?

rodel said...

uy.... danda naman ng vector clown mu... i like it.. honga ako sa mga design ng site mo..... :) very cool color combo... :)

kingdaddyrich said...

hindi ko alam pero siguro dahil sa sobrang pagod lang ako...

hindi ko gaanong naintindihan ang kanta.


pero with the clowns, para kasing lagi siyang inahahalintulad sa isang tao na kahit masaya eh may lungkot na itinatago sa ilalim ng makapal na make-up.

† alleicarg † said...

blood is also associated with life eh? source of life. hehe.. di ba?
i don't know..
this post is dedicated to the clowns.. and for someone who chose to be blind of a situation.. a problem ignored.. untackled.. because of the fear that i might be resolved.. coz the outcomes will not befit him..
(nyay niliko-liko ko pa!) hehe

@rodel: that's the outcast clown..
it's from devart.

@king:the song says it all.. =)

lin said...

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