Monday, August 20, 2007

gattaga burnout

art by nattetimen

we knew from the start that it would be difficult..

the road was long..
the track was steep..
a cold trek to that soaring mountain..
a summit concealed by clouds.
a task never ought to be completed.

thorns scouring our feet..
a blood-stained path goes..

we went a long way,
and we always got hurt.

still, we chose to keep going..
to endure the pain,
no matter what..

what ever happens...
"naniga atte mo.."

'tis what we've chosen.

to walk.
to believe.
carrying the hopes that we'll get there in the end..
blind pilgrims going nowhere fast..


rapid shifts of emotions..
playful convictions.
tricky situations..
halfway through..

it's different now.

i am tired.
go on..

i'm stopping here.
i can't carry the burden anymore.
i can no longer fool myself yearning for something that could never exist.

i'm going..
i'm moving on.
i can't stay..
and there's no way any of this could ever make sense.
there's no way i could ever let this happen again..

i wish you well.
i cannot stay.

so long.

join the wrecks.


when love breaks down
-prefab sprout-

My love and I, we work well together

But often we're apart.
Absence makes the heart lose weight, yeah,
Till love breaks down, love breaks down..

Oh my, oh my, have you seen the weather?
The sweet September rain..
Rain on me like no other
Until I drown, until I drown..

When love breaks down,
the things you do,
To stop the truth from hurting you..

When love breaks down
The lies we tell,
They only serve to fool ourselves.

My love and I, we are boxing clever,
he'll never crowd me out..
Fall be free as old confetti..
And paint the town, paint the town..
When love breaks down.

When love breaks down,
You join the wrecks..


Daniel Yuson said...

nadama ko dito ang "pain"..!
ang bigat..!
but well...
"life is change..! death is dwelling on the past or staying on one place too long..!"
carpe diem..!

MundRay said...

so lonely...T_T
ang hirap kalimutan ung past ang bigat pag iniisip mo.

kingdaddyrich said...

oo nga.... dapat yung mga ganyang ala ala eh ibinabaon na lang sa limot...

at ang mga liksyon na natutunan na lang ang dinadala..


link kita ha...

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Hope is the last thing that dies in man; and though it be exceedingly deceitful, yet it is of this good use to us, that while we are traveling through life it conducts us in an easier and more pleasant way to our journey's end.

"Hope" is the thing with feathers-- That perches in the soul-- And sings the tune without the words-- And never stops--at all--...

~Rochefaucauld, Dickinson =)

rodel said...

wow favor8 ko tlaga ang illustraxon.. design... nakakaantig ng puso...

Tami said...

at least you've made a decision. that's one less thorn to worry about. and one step towards starting to feel better. *huggies*

† alleicarg † said...

in chains.

Quincy John said...

the bottom line of it grace would always be acceptance.

If you can't ever accept what had happened, you can't move on even a single step.

Just don't buy the culture of feeling bad about a failure relationship.

Get off the chains.

God has something better in store.

† alleicarg † said...

and.. i'm wondrin' why people respond negatively in this post?

i'm sticking with what ruff said.

i'm okay right now.
it's just that..
it seems as if..

something's not in place.

{if fate is a wheel, then we are the sand that's being crushed between the cogs.
we are not the cogs.
we are helpless.
yearning for power..

the power to crush one's own fate.}-ichigo

should we break free or resign ourselves to our fate?

it may be difficult breaking away..
difficult to oppose others to do it your own way..

but we should..

we are responsible for our own lives.. and we must never be controlled by others..

(-loyalty to someone is different from depending from them..-kenpachi

no matter how hard it could get..

in the end, it's just us.
the choices we make..

make us.

hayasaki said...

Hoi...Thanks ahH... Alam ko nMan anjan ka PlaGi for me... Kya sOri kung minsaN naKakaLimutan Ko ung Fact na Un... Bsta... You should feel all kinds of sorrows just to know the real value of happiness.. Di ka nag-iisa! madami tau noh...heheh

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Sometimes we try really hard to manipulating the spoon. We extend the spoon, forgive the spoon for its shortcomings, give the spoon another chance, and let our spirits be broken by it.

Only to find out in the end…

That there is no spoon.

† alleicarg † said...

writing about pretense and deceit doesn't mean that i'm the one who's fooled.

quincy john said...

grace sorry for the late reply and I'm sorry if you found my comment negative.

honestly, i was writing it with optimism since I myself uses that tactic so i could lift up my self from a failure relationship.

i didn't mean if you accept what has happened you're letting yourself "crushed like sand". it also doesn't mean that when you accept it, you're not responsible with your life.

Ironically, when you do that you are placing responsibility over your life that you won't be crushed once again.

when you accept a certain event, it means you learn from it and you fortify your conviction to control your life and never be opposed once again. that's a cycle.

you indulge, you fail, you learn.

I don't say that you surrender from fate. I say tackle it with courage so that you can move on.

if it still seem negative, tell me.

† alleicarg † said...

then that's it.

we are just the sand..

not the cogs.


quincy john said...

But I believe being the sand is still part of the ocean.

Vast. filled with strength and passion.

which the cogs are powerless against.

† alleicarg † said...

when sand is crushed.. it turns into powder..

powder which can solidify and harden.. either breaking the cogs, or altering their directions..

people uniting..
like in john lennon's song "imagine.."

fate can be twisted.

that's the power i was talkin about in the previous comment.

the word "fate" itself is crushed then.


quincy john said...

no argument with that.

get out of that fate if its crushing you.

take care of yourself.