Monday, July 9, 2007

living in the shadows of deceit

"I deny the lawfulness of telling a lie to a sick man for fear of alarming him. You have no business with consequences; you are to tell the truth...It may bring his distemper to a crisis, and that may cure him. Of all lying, I have the greatest abhorrence of this, because I believe it has been frequently practiced on myself".- Samuel Johnson

tama. 'yan ang header ko.

"i have the greatest abhorrence of this....
....I believe it has been practiced on myself."

false reassurance.

"okay lang kahit murahin mo pa ako."
"kung masasakit na salita sabihin mo sa akin."
"basta totoo."
-wag ganito.

-sana masabi ko.

if you'll stab me, make it quick.
use an ice-pick. katana pwede rin.
pierce right through me.
stab hard. stab deep.

wag 'yung ganito.
small blade..
slowly cutting through me..

Don't break it to me gently.
I don't need your lies.
lalong sumasakit.

cut my heart and slash my soul.

tao ako.

sana di ka gumaganti.

(ayy stupid i forgot di mo pala alam blogsite ko. of all people. hahaha)

>melodies of life: napansin ko lang. halos lahat ng post dito ay malungkot. sana maiba naman ang tugtog.


icarus_05 said...

Aaww.. ok lang maging sad ang posts mo.. pero wag lang madalas :) Baka maging emo blog na ung blog mo. hehe :)

Aaww, what's wrong? Hmm, whatever it is, I hope ur doing fine. Everything will be alright eventually. Pray for his/her soul na lang hehe :)

Was here, spreading love! :)

`ch13f said...

uu nga miss chei ..
unwanted melody ata eh .. hehe
pero kayanin mo yan miss chei,
andito naman kaming mga online peeps mo to lighten up your load ..

chinnie chin up!

Tami said...

true, its better to express what you feel, kahit puro malungkot, kesa itago mo. i've been through my 'emo' stage as well. remember, FOR NOW lang naman yan. you'll see brighter days. =D

† alleicarg † said...

@icarus: nagkakataon kse malungkot nangyayari sa buhay ko.. mag aanniversary na nga eh.. hehe..

thanks for spreeaaadingg love..

ch13f: yup yuppie! napapasaya nga ako pag Cocomment kau.. knowing that you read the posts.. makes me feel better.. =)

tami: so right girl.. rainbows.