Thursday, May 10, 2007


five days.

just five days has passed and.. whoah..
a lot of significant events and changes lodged into my life..

mahabang away nanaman
incon cheiincon cheiincon cheiincon chei


yeah.. most of my friends say.. nah.. okay.. all of my friends tell me that i'm the most inconsistent being they have encountered..


they sometimes say that i just lie..

truth is.. i don't. they're just not updated of the things i'm goin through..
change.. always flips sides..

parang si.. {} mahilig magflip.. wOoh!

{please don't bring prejudice here.. lalo na ikaw, elaine.}di ako naghahanap ng away.. i'm here to express my thoughts.. i'm not angry though.. pakiusap ko lang noh.. if ever you relay stories about people.. they must be exact.. specific..impartial.. unbiased.. it must be the truth.. partial truth is more lethal than a blatant untruth dude. you are indeed responsible and accountable to whatever you say.. or do. i just hope that the things i've heard about you.. playing a role of a broadcast journalist.. nah.. bad broadcast journalist ain't true.. baka mapalitan mo pa si perez hilton nyan.. abah.. chikadOra! rant all you can! itikom mo nahi hope you know what friendship means.. really means. yung essence ha.. i'll be waiting for your response dear.. speak to me clearly.. and unmasked.

wooh.. like the second hand of the clock..
now i'm here.. with one blink.. i'm half a mile away..
nOw i'm married.. after a few minutes.. i'm divorced..
after a day..



bakit ba maxado inaabangan mga nangyayari sa buhay ko? haha.. read my blog.. updated ka dito.. get the news straight from my writings..


i don't mean to fool them.. they're making fools out of themselves..

my week today.. is a melting pot of emotions.. roughly mixed.. a salad mixed up with strong spices you can barely eat..

vomitus, vomitus.. where have you gone?

aw... i wonder what will happen tomorrow?

this post is so mixed up..

disgorge as you please.

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