Tuesday, April 24, 2007

♥ i'm dying..

can't hardly breathe..

What faithless Vows you made to me.'
To love, respect and cherish thee'.
What a fool I turned out to be.
Believing vows I'll never see.

Dear heart.
Could you beat a little slower?
Cuz the frantic rhythm is getting to my head.
The laughter echoes off tainted walls..
Choruses of humility hide in every corner.

The embarrassment is sinking in..

Heart please stop.
Before everyone hears you.
Couldn’t he spare me some respect?
My head is spinning with regret.
he battered what of me was left.

Dear cheeks,
Could you lose a little color?
my hands can’t quickly cover all my face
The singing rings out in vibrant pains..
The torture, the pressure, the laughter, the stares..
I’m itching and yearning to get some fresh air.

With a giant leap I’m free again..
My head is spinning with regret..

dishonest one..
please die.

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