Thursday, April 26, 2007

♥ denial passing sorrow.

In my silence I would love to forget
but restitution hasn't come quite yet..
with one accord I keep moving forth..
I stretch my heart to heal some more..

It used to be all I want to learn.. was wisdom, trust and truth..
By now all I really want to learn, is forgiveness for you.
As my seasons change i have now grown to know, when ones heart creates, one's soul doesn't owe.
So I wash away stains of yesterday..
Then tempt my heart with love's display..

All these broken pieces of arrows in my side?
I thought i could run with them.. i know now i can't hide,
so i'm looking out upon the darkness down the tracks..
My heart just won't let you go, i love you even still.

Love and hate, they both come along.

We start to walk as if nothing had happened..
But I remember today that the fighting never ends..

It's not how it used to be.

Everyone surely has darkness hidden somewhere in their heart..
Oftentimes it prevents them from living as they wish.
We can't imagine other people's pain, It's hard for us to share it.
But i'm here.. whoever i may be to you..
and if I meet someone whom I really want to face..I don't want to feel fear..
surely i know i won't feel it..

You shut the door of your heart with a violent noise and lost the key to open it a long time ago..
So just tell me exactly how you feel.. just with common words..and with common expressions..
It's so fearful to believe in what's invisible and formless..
But if you can do so, don't you feel it's wonderful?

Don't stare so weakly with a resigned look.. as if to say "such life"??..
Where is the person who could get what he wanted without making any sacrifices?
no one. you see?

You have the thing which I long for.. which I had lost and will never get again.
however, i strongly I wish for it..
but then someone will say," what is lost can never be saved."

tell me i'm not fooling myself.

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