Thursday, April 19, 2007

♥artist ka nga. con artist.♥

Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.

blah.. blah..

have you ever heard Typecast's song "will you ever change"? nah.. i'm so f*ckin tired of things..okay.. things related to change. this is why i'm posting another entry at this time of day on earth.. it's past two o'clock in the morning and i'm havin this crazy feeling again.. well, it is a state of mind now.
i think i'm angry.. (i think)

months have passed.. things went wrong.. problems encountered.. lessons taught.. but they were NEVER LEARNED! why can't you learn!? yeah.. he never learned.. HE. always.. hurts me.. i guess i have never learned too.. but hey, i'm stronger now.. but it seems like i have never been kind, or at least have been gentle with myself.

i myself know that creative thought shapes destiny, and the hour-by-hour mental conduct produces power for change in life.. but i have never developed a train of thought on which to ride.. and i'm going nowhere. fast. the nobility of life as well as happiness depends upon the direction in which that train of thought is going.. and mine has a lost track.

It's time for a new mind about myself and my life.

i'll die early with him. never brought me happiness..
all the things i did.. the sacrifices.. i thought they were worth something..
i gave the shit love.. he gave me misery.. still i gave more love.. haha..

he needs change,a profound change, of mind and character..
i'm starting to hate him. again.
someone so selfish.. so mean.. don't deserve me.. never was worthy of the love i have given him..

the chances..


just wasted.

Random acts of mindlessness..
Commonplace occurrences
Chances and surprises,another state of consciousness ..

conscientious stupidity..

i hate you.

Love isn't worth the pain when no love is returned.

sasa tennis player ka lang.. but why is it that love means nothing to you?

or maybe..

it's just me..

who means nothing to you?

this one's for you..

Holding on, that's what I do since I met you..
And it won't be long..Would you notice if I left you?And it's fine for some 'cause you're not the one,you're not the one there...All night long, laid on my pillow..These things are wrong.I can't sleep..

I have decided to leave you forever..i have decided to start things from here. thunder and lightning won't change what I'm feeling..and the daffodils look lovely today.. in your eyes I can see the disguise..
in your eyes I can see the dismay..

you're full of deceit..
your friends don't even know what kind of person you are..

you're fake.. hypocrite.

fine artist.

con artist.

kill yourself.

for the sake of humanity and the betterment of the society..

do it.

con artist.


_+ i hope you can read this.. 'tis only here where i can express how i feel. (maintindihan mo kaya? gatas.)

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